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A small collection of scripts, utilities, and other quick hacks, sometimes useful, sometimes just novelty or to try something out. Includes links for execution via DECnet if DECnet based scripting is configured for the server.

CGI ScriptsCGI (via DECnet) Source CodeComment
[cgilib_example.html] (can be used, no example) CGIlib.c
A collection of C language functions for use when developing scripts.
[CGI_symbols] [CGI_symbols] Simple CGI environment test.
(can be used, no example) cgiutl.c Example of using the CGIUTL.C utility for processing the contents of a POSTed form for use in a DCL procedure.
[fetch_example.html] (can be used, no example) fetch.c Example of using the FETCH.C utility for retrieving URLs from servers, checking if a certain URL is accessable, etc.
[formwork_example.html] (can be used, no example) formwork.c Example of using the FORMWORK.C utility for making elementary validation of HTML form input before adding to a CSV file or other processing.
[IPCtickler] (not applicable) IPCtickler.c Manipulate C-RTL <stdout> characteristics and WASD Script-Control: CGI response header fields to assess impacts on carriage-control.
(can be used, no example) liner.c Display a file as plain-text, prefixing each line with an ascending line number in square brackets. Useful for viewing source code files.
CLI usage described in code (not applicable) membufdemo.c
Bulk data transfer from script to server using a (global section) memory buffer. Intended for transfers of multiple megabytes, tens of megabytes, and so up. Testing indicates transfers in excess of 500% of the standard mailbox bandwidth, with notable improvements to efficiency as well. YMMV with platform, O/S version and TCP/IP stack.
[tmailer_example.html] (can be used, no example) tmailer.c Example of using the TMAILER.C script for mailing the processed contents of a POSTed form (WASD drop-in replacement for the OSU TMAIL script).


[DIR]OBJ_AXP/ 6-Apr-2021 09:251,024subdirectory
[TXT]BUILD_CGIUTL.COM 6-Apr-2021 09:251,892DCL procedure
[TXT]CGIUTL.C 6-Apr-2021 09:2590,879C source
[TXT]CGIUTL_EXAMPLE.COM 6-Apr-2021 09:253,461DCL procedure
[HTM]CGIUTL_EXAMPLE.HTML 6-Apr-2021 09:253,300"CGIutl Usage Example"
[TXT]CGIUTL_EXAMPLE2.COM 6-Apr-2021 09:251,496DCL procedure
[HTM]CGIUTL_EXAMPLE2.HTML 6-Apr-2021 09:251,132"CGIutl Usage Example 2"