CGI Script IPC Tickler
mailbox MRS: 4096
record size: 
total chars: 
fopen() ctx= recbin
function: fputs()fwrite(n,1)fwrite(1,n)
script-control: X-record-modeX-stream-mode(none)
The CGI script Inter-Process Communication (IPC) tickler is designed to allow a script programmer to gain an appreciation of the way WASD interacts with VMS' record-oriented Input/Output (I/O) design, how the C Language Run-Time Library interprets U**x I/O conventions into this, how WASD attempts to accomodate both, how the mechanisms a script can use to explicitly convey exact requirements to WASD ... and finally, how these affect output (in particular the carriage-control) delivered to the client.

Check the WASD Scripting document for information on the handling of Script Output in relation to "text/.." and non-"text/.." content-type. Use this utility to manipulate the record size (number of characters between newlines) and total characters output against stream mode and C-RTL output function, to observe how (implied) carriage-control is provided to the client. WASD CGI response fields can be added to manipulate the desired programming requirement and outcome.

Use the WATCH facility with CGI, DCL and Network Activity/Data items to directly observe the octets provided by the script and subsequently provided to the client.