Site powered by WASD and VMS   Demonstrations of scripting support.***
All of these should work when using the DEMO.COM procedure.
When on an installed server some may be disabled completely or configured to require authorization in line with local requirements.

CGI*  A comprehensive, efficient CGI environment is available, as used in a variety of CGI-based scripts.
CGIplus*  WASD CGIplus combines the ease of CGI programming with the efficiency of persistant scripting.
RTE*  Run Time Environments allow "intepreters" for persistant scripting to be built using the CGI(plus) interface.
WebSocket  HTML5 WebSocket provides an asynchronous, bidirectional, full-duplex connection between agents. WASD WebSocket server applications (scripts) provide a multi-client, persistant scripting environment.
"Raw"Socket  WASD RawSocket provides an asynchronous, bidirectional, full-duplex, protocol-agnostic connection between a non-browser agent and a server application. It's WebSocket without the WebSocket protocol!
ISAPI   An ISAPI implementation provides the efficiency of persistant scripting and CGI-like programming via a de facto industry standard interface.
OSU*  DECnet and OSU-compatible scripting is available
(though may not be configured for this server).
DCL   The CGIUTL utility eases the processing of POSTed requests, and generating responses, transfering and uploading files, etc., from DCL-based scripts.
Java   Have Java installed on your Alpha or IA64 system?  If so check out the Java-enabled scripting environment (including persistent CGIplus).
Perl**   Have Perl available on the system and want to improve its response-time by a factor of twenty?  Who wouldn't!
PHP**   A persistent interface (RTE) to the OpenVMS PHP scripting engine is available.
Python**   A persistent (RTE) Python scripting engine is available. It supports CGI, CGIplus and Python's WSGI interfaces.
gSOAP**   A persistent (RTE) gSOAP environment for the VMS port is available.
FastCGI**   A high performance interface to applications built using Open Market Inc's FastCGI specification.

  * The CGILIB C-language function module eases interface and portability issues.
  ** Check the WASD download site for these and other developments.
  *** Scripting support is described in detail in Scripting Environment

 Last revised July 2020