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CGIplus readme

This directory provides some demonstration CGIplus scripts. These are here only to provide examples on approaching the CGIplus environment ... and of course to provide some skeletal code for use in real CGIplus applications. Also provided is a CGIplus-based wrapper for supporting ISAPI extension DLLs.

Demonstration CGIplus Scripts/Code
Standard CGICGIplus Source CodeComment
[demo] [demo] CGIplusDemo.c
[demo] CGIplusLoop.c Uses a simple loop to read the CGIplus variables from CGIPLUSIN.
[demo] [demo] CGIplusSkel.c Uses the CGILIB library to get the variables regardless of whether it's the standard or CGIplus environment.
[demo] [demo] CGIplusTest.c
CGIplus_cgivar.c A generic C language code module that interface with CGIplus "record" and "struct" modes.  #included in, and demonstrated in, CGIPLUSTEST.C.
[demo] CGIPLUSPROC.COM Even DCL procedures can be CGIplus scripts!
BUT ... DCL is inefficient enough in it's interpretation for a CGIplus implementation about 50% slower that using standard CGI. The [SRC.MISC]CGIUTL.C utility /PLUS functionality can be used to more efficiently interface DCL with CGIplus; see COMRTEXE.COM below.
COMRTEXE.COM With a little assistance from mapping rules, execute DCL procedures and executables (and potentially other files) anywhere in web-space. Provides a Run-Time Environment for .COMs and .EXEs allowing them to be executed in the same way as .PHPs and .PYs. Uses [SRC.MISC]CGIUTL.C /PLUS functionality to interface with CGIplus.
Other WASD Scripts Using CGIplus
[demo] [demo] Conan.c "Conan The Librarian" provides access to help and text libraries
HyperShelf Provides access to BNU and Bookreader shelves
HyperReader Provides access Bookreader books
ISAPI Supported using CGIplus
ISAPI ... Microsoft and Process Software Corp. Specification
CGIsapi.c This is the wrapper application that allows ISAPI DLLs to be executed as WASD scripts
[demo] ISAPIexample.c An example ISAPI DLL
Persistant Run-Time Environments
[demo] rte_example.c Example of persistant run-time environment.
Demonstration Scripts for CGI Callout
[demo] CGICALLOUTPROC.COM Standard CGI DCL procedure using callouts.
[demo] CGICALLOUTSINGLEBYTE.COM DCL procedure to demontstrate the special 'build-record' mode used with scripting environments that insist on outputing one byte at a time!.
[demo] CGICALLOUT.C Standard CGI C program using callouts.
[demo] CGIPLUSCALLOUTPROC.COM CGIplus DCL procedure using callouts.
[demo] CGIPLUSCALLOUT.C CGIplus C program using callouts.


[DIR]CXX_REPOSITORY/ 8-Nov-2021 14:27512subdirectory
[DIR]OBJ_AXP/ 8-Nov-2021 14:27512subdirectory
[TXT]BUILD_CGIPLUS.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:27642DCL procedure
[TXT]BUILD_CGIPLUSTEST.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,408DCL procedure
[TXT]BUILD_CGISAPI.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,370DCL procedure
[TXT]BUILD_ISAPIEXAMPLE.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,147DCL procedure
[TXT]BUILD_MOD_CGIPLUSTEST.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,630DCL procedure
[TXT]BUILD_ONE.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,358DCL procedure
[TXT]BUILD_RTE_EXAMPLE.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,410DCL procedure
[TXT]CGICALLOUT.C 8-Nov-2021 14:276,021C source
[TXT]CGICALLOUTPROC.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,432DCL procedure
[TXT]CGICALLOUTSINGLEBYTE.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,277DCL procedure
[TXT]CGIPLUS.PL 8-Nov-2021 14:27802Perl source
[TXT]CGIPLUSCALLOUT.C 8-Nov-2021 14:275,665C source
[TXT]CGIPLUSCALLOUTPROC.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,767DCL procedure
[TXT]CGIPLUSDEMO.C 8-Nov-2021 14:278,459C source
[TXT]CGIPLUSLOOP.C 8-Nov-2021 14:272,735C source
[TXT]CGIPLUSPERL.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,154DCL procedure
[TXT]CGIPLUSPROC.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:27867DCL procedure
[TXT]CGIPLUSSKEL.C 8-Nov-2021 14:272,382C source
[TXT]CGIPLUSTEST.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2711,695C source
[TXT]CGIPLUS_CGIVAR.C 8-Nov-2021 14:278,259C source
[TXT]CGISAPI.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2740,536C source
[TXT]CGISAPI.H 8-Nov-2021 14:274,287C header
[TXT]COMRTEXE.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,208DCL procedure
[TXT]ISAPIEXAMPLE.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2713,198C source
[HTM]ISAPIEXAMPLE.HTML 8-Nov-2021 14:271,815"CGIsapi Example"
[HTM]README.HTML 8-Nov-2021 14:275,209"CGIplus readme"
[TXT]RTE_EXAMPLE.C 8-Nov-2021 14:278,014C source
[HTM]RTE_EXAMPLE.HTML 8-Nov-2021 14:271,737"Run-Time Environment Usage Example"