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Scripting with Java README

The WASD Java environment was first implemented in December 1997 and there has been no further development. Developed using the first-release JDK1.1 beta kit for OpenVMS Alpha V7.1. Verified working with the final release JDK 1.1.6 in September 1998, still working with the JDK 1.1.8-3 update in June 2000, then in March 2002 verified against JDK 1.3.1. Confirmed working for Java 5 and Java 6 at December 2014. That it continues to work nearly twenty years after coding is a testament (to something, not sure exactly what :-)

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This directory provides some demonstration Java scripts. These are here only to provide examples on approaching scripting using this environment ... and of course to provide some skeletal code for use in real Java scripts.

Of course the demonstrations will only work if Java is installed on the server system!   ... Check Now

The class that makes CGI support relatively easy is (javadoc).

The wrapper procedure JAVA.COM ensures the required runtime environment is established.

Note that due to the way classes are specified by the WASD server Java class names invoked as main()s must be all lower case.

For setup requirements check the Other Environments chapter in the Scripting documentation.

Directory Contents
Standard CGICGIplus Source CodeComment
A generic class that allows Java scripts to be used in WASD's environment. The demonstration scripts all use this class.
[demo 1]
[demo 2]
[demo 3] Simple CGI script to dump the CGI name and value pairs read from the CGIplus data stream.
[demo] [demo]
Simple CGI and CGIplus scripts.
[demo] [demo]
Simple CGI and CGI plus scripts providing HTML.
[GET demo]
[GET demo]
CGI and CGIplus scripts capable of processing GET requests and POSTed URL-encoded forms.


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[HTM]CGIPLUS.HTML 8-Nov-2021 14:2712,151"Class CGIplus"
[TXT]CGIPLUS.JAVA 8-Nov-2021 14:2714,090Java source
[TXT]DUMPCGI.JAVA 8-Nov-2021 14:271,556Java source
[TXT]HI1CGI.JAVA 8-Nov-2021 14:271,103Java source
[TXT]HI1CGIPLUS.JAVA 8-Nov-2021 14:271,425Java source
[TXT]HI2CGI.JAVA 8-Nov-2021 14:271,221Java source
[TXT]HI2CGIPLUS.JAVA 8-Nov-2021 14:272,173Java source
[TXT]JAVA.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:273,549DCL procedure
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