Site powered by WASD and VMS   Demonstrations of miscellaneous scripts and functionality.
All of these should work when using the DEMO.COM procedure.
When on an installed server some may be disabled completely or configured to require authorization in line with local requirements.

WOTSUP  A utility intended for monitoring a WASD server in a production environment and reporting via OPCOM, email and local-mechanism if there is a real or suspected issue with the processing.
Fetch HTTP  This is a command-line utility (as well as CGI(plus) script) that can be used to retrieve pages, images, etc., from other HTTP servers.
FORMwork  Can be used to preprocess input from an HTML form and add it as a record to a CSV file and/or email the data.
tMAILer  A drop-in CGI-based replacement for the OSU TMAIL utility and provides an emailing template.
Echo Request  Ever had to go to extraordinary lengths to find out exactly what your browser was sending in a request?  Use the echo* facility for both GETs and
Xray Response  The complementary facility is Xray* which provides a plain-text document containing the full response header and body.
Where's the Path?  The where* facility provides a mapped VMS file specification from a path!
Data Stream  The stream* facility generates a quantified or unlimited stream of textual or binary data at maximum throughput.
Content-Type?  Trouble reading a file type the server is not configured to recognize? Well, specify your own! Here's WASD_ROOT:[000000]*.* set up to return every file as "text/plain"!  In addition, clicking on the directory listing icon of a non-text item will return it as plain-text!

 *Each of these facilities are easily enabled/disabled.

 Last revised July 2020