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wasDOC is a document authoring and processing system for use at the CLI and in scripting. It employs a plain-text editor and markup directives to generate integrated HTML documentation.

Suitable for VMS Apache, OSU and of course WASD.

Build using @BUILD_WASDOC and copy executable into the scripting directory.

Once built and configured the URL /cgi-bin/wasdoc/wasd_root/src/wasdoc/doc/ should allow a WASD site to access the documentation. Non-WASD sites adapt to suit.

wasDOC Copyright © 2019 Mark G. Daniel <>


[DIR]DOC/ 8-Nov-2021 14:282,048subdirectory
[DIR]DOC_TWO/ 8-Nov-2021 14:28512subdirectory
[DIR]OBJ_AXP/ 8-Nov-2021 14:28512subdirectory
[TXT]BUILD_WASDOC.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:282,332DCL procedure
[TXT]CGI.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2812,432C source
[TXT]CGILIB.C 8-Nov-2021 14:28211,307C source
[TXT]CGILIB.H 8-Nov-2021 14:288,481C header
[TXT]CLI.C 8-Nov-2021 14:287,712C source
[TXT]CSS.H 8-Nov-2021 14:289,206C header
[TXT]DRAW.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2817,136C source
[TXT]DRAW.TXT 8-Nov-2021 14:28868plain text
[TXT]IOSBDEF4VAX.H 8-Nov-2021 14:287,896C header
[TXT]PASS2.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2841,412C source
[HTM]README.HTML 8-Nov-2021 14:28953HyperText Markup Language
[TXT]README.TXT 8-Nov-2021 14:2818plain text
[TXT]REGEX.C 8-Nov-2021 14:28161,730C source
[TXT]REGEX.H 8-Nov-2021 14:2818,967C header
[TXT]RENDER.C 8-Nov-2021 14:28135,362C source
[TXT]SPAWN.C 8-Nov-2021 14:289,244C source
[TXT]STYLE_WASDOC.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:283,240DCL procedure
[TXT]TEST.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2810,522C source
[TXT]WASDOC.C 8-Nov-2021 14:2827,902C source
[TXT]WASDOC.H 8-Nov-2021 14:2816,096C header