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CGI-compliant script providing access to VMS help and text libraries. See ConanHelp.html

Requires the following entries in the server's configuration file

  .HLB  application/x-script  /Conan  VMS help library
  .TLB  application/x-script  /Conan  VMS text library
and in the server's rule-mapping file
  script /conan* /cgi-bin/conan*
  script /help* /cgi-bin/conan*
Works well considering it was one hack after another :^)


[DIR]OBJ_AXP/ 8-Nov-2021 14:27512subdirectory
[TXT]BUILD_CONAN.COM 8-Nov-2021 14:271,436DCL procedure
[TXT]CONAN.C 8-Nov-2021 14:27107,560C source
[TXT]ENAMEL.H 8-Nov-2021 14:279,983C header
[HTM]README.HTML 8-Nov-2021 14:27516HyperText Markup Language