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This directory contains source code for authentication agents.

Source CodeComment
authagent_example.c An example authorization agent implemented in C. An example authentication agent implemented in DCL!
authagent_CEL.c An real/example authentication agent, behaving in much the same manner as the OSU (DECthreads) server CEL_authenticator program.
authagent_LDAP_1.c This agent uses the LDAP server to both identify the client and authenticate (check the password). This puts slightly more load on the LDAP server and is considered by some to be a mild abuse of LDAP directory function. Requires VMS V 7.3 or later and the HP [Open]SSL product.
authagent_LDAP_2.c This agent uses the LDAP server to identify the client but then performs it's own authentication using password digest or the SYSUAF. Requires VMS V 7.3 or later and the HP [Open]SSL product.
 *Note that these example agents require configuration before they can be experimented with.


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