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    The Break flag (|) tells DSR where it may break a word that
    occurs at the end of a line. You might want DSR to be able to
    break a word after a slash (/) or a hyphen (-) that is part
    of the word (for example, "a yes/no response"). The Break flag
    allows a line to end where the flag occurs; no hyphen is ever
    inserted because of it.

    If the flag is turned on and inserted at break points, DSR is
    able to break the word at any of the specified points. If more
    than one Break flag is present in a word that DSR is breaking at
    the end of a line, DSR leaves as much of the word as possible on
    the line; that is, it breaks the word at the last possible Break

    The Break flag works the same whether .JUSTIFY or .NO JUSTIFY is
    in effect.
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