Conan Help

Affectionately known as Conan The Librarian, and with acknowlegement and all due respect to Wierd Al Yankovic :^)  this script makes VMS Help and Text libraries accessable in the web environment. It also provides a keyword search facility, both from a search dialog on relevant pages, and using a URL query string.

VMS Help

The system's default help library (as with command-line HELP) can be accessed using the URL


To access a specific topic, say on the SHOW command, use something like


Qualifiers may be specified using either a leading slash or a leading underscore, as illustrated


In addition to the search dialog on relevant pages the help library and and major topics may be searched for a keyword using the URL field. The following example shows the string "management" being searched for first in the whole library, then just within the show topic.


Note that if another HELP script is using the "/help" path that "/conan" should also access the librarian. Which means these forms will also work:


Other Help Libraries

To access other than the default VMS help library merely specify the file using the URL-equivalent path as in the following example:


Text Libraries

The librarian also allows VMS Text Libraries to accessed and searched. Just provide the URL-equivalent path to the library.


Text library modules accessed are returned as plain-text documents. This makes them particularly suitable for accessed programming language libraries as with the C header library (if on this system):


Other Librarian Functionality

To obtain an index of matching libraries explicitly activate the Conan script providing a wildcard file specification, as in the following example:


To obtain the library header information add a query string to the library file specification, as follows:


To provide a menu os possible functions add a query string to the library file specification, as follows: