Site powered by WASD and VMS   Demonstrations of VMS-specific scripts.
All of these should work when using the DEMO.COM procedure.
When on an installed server some may be disabled completely or configured to require authorization in line with local requirements.

VMS Help  VMS Help, and other help libraries ...
VMS Text Libraries  Ever had trouble accessing the contents of text libraries?
Bookreader  How about Bookreader and BNU?
(results may vary with local environments!)
Ad Hoc Search 
Search WASD VMS Hypertext Services documentation for ...
MONITOR Scréper  One or more, concurrent MONITOR displays on a single browser page. Requires authorisation.
System Overview  DCL SHOW is a simple DCL script showing the ease with which useful scripts may be produced.
System Performance  HyperSPI is a VMS system performance observation tool. It cannot be demonstrated but here is an example report.
Other  VMS and system oriented Web applications are available from the WASD download site.

 Last revised November 2021