Site powered by WASD and VMS   Demonstrations of basic, internal and administrative functions.
All of these should work when using the DEMO.COM procedure.
When on an installed server some may be disabled completely or configured to require authorization in line with local requirements.

Directory Listing  /sys$common/syshlp/examples/
Clicking on the directory listing icon of a non-text item will return it as plain-text!
Directory Tree  /sys$common/syshlp/examples/
Server Side Includes  Versatile, extended (and OSU-compliant) SSI engine.
This document shows many of it's capabilities.
On-Line Server Admin  Server Administration interface.
(here's an image, and another, if you can't see it live!)
On-Line Processing  WATCH server processing, online!
(select the criteria, then view server processing as it occurs)
Quick & Dirty
  QDLOGSTATS provides elementary server access log statistics.
(here's an image)
On-Line Update  Document Update on the server!
(navigate, administer and edit files)
Transport Layer Security  TLS support (Secure Sockets Layer) is described in Features and Facilities.
Let's Encrypt  Have (or want) a TLS/SSL secured site?  Let's Encrypt makes it possible to obtain and maintain browser-trusted certificates, simply, automatically and at no cost.  See WASD Certificate Management Environment (wCME) on the download page at

 Last revised July 2020