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    The Uppercase flag (^) serves the same purpose as a typewriter
    Shift key when you use it just before typing a letter. The flag
    capitalizes any single letter that directly follows it. It has no
    effect if the character following it is not a letter.

    The Uppercase flag can be paired as follows:

    o  With a Capitalize flag (^<) to turn on the capitalization
       of the text that follows (the same as using Shift-Lock on a

    o  With an Underline flag (^&) to turn on underlining of the text
       that follows.

    o  With a Bold flag (^*) to turn on bolding for the text that

    o  With itself (^^) if you want to ensure that the case of
       letters in your input file is maintained in your output
       file. You can use this flag pair with those commands that
       control uppercasing and lowercasing (such as .HEADER LEVEL
       or .CHAPTER). When you specify a title, precede it with two
       circumflexes (^^).

1  –  Default

    Recognition is turned on.
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