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    The Subsitute flag ($$) is the only flag that must be used in
    pairs. When the flag is turned on, it causes either a date or
    a time to be output. The output is determined by the word you
    associate with the flag pair; for example, $$Date. See the output
    in the following example.

    When the Substitute flag is turned on, any dollar sign character
    ($), even if it is not paired, must be preceded by an Accept flag
    if it is to be taken as normal text by DSR.

1  –  Default

    Recognition is turned off. To turn on recognition, you must use
    the .FLAGS SUBSTITUTE command.

2  –  Examples

    The following table shows the use of the substitute flag. The
    output file will contain the date and time that DSR processing of
    the file began.

    Input                  Output

    $$Date                 10 November 1993
    $$Time                 10:55:00
    $$Year                 1993
    $$Month                November
    $$Day                  10
    $$Hours                10
    $$Minutes              55
    $$Seconds              00
    $$Month#$$Day,#$$Year  November 10, 1993
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